Wuhan Sanzhao Mould Steel Co., Ltd., located in Guanggu Road,International Enterprise Center, Wuhan East Lake Development Zone. We mainly deal with the domestic business and foreign trade on alloy tool steel.
Size of Company:
    We consist of three production subsidiary companies: Huangshi Weifeng new materila Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Huangshi Sanli Forging Co., Ltd. and Huangshi Sanye Mould steel Co., Ltd. We possess some advanced melting machines: MF Furnace, Refining Furnace, Vacuum Degassing Furnace, Electro Slag Furnace and Vaccum Induction Degassing Pouring Furnace . We also possess some steel processing devices: Hydraulic Forging Hammer and Hydraulic Forging machines. Our complementary production machines include Continuous Heating Furnace, Vehicle –type Heating Furnace, Room-type Furnace, Annealing Furnace .Processing machines include Electric Grinding Wheel Peeling Machines, Electric Saws,Milling machines. We also have some detecting machines for advanced chemical analysis and physical property test. The total assets are more than 120 million Yuan. Our company can produce one hundred kinds of products, including cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel, plastic mould steel and many other alloy tool steel. The annual capacity is 30,000 tons of mould steel, 20,000 tons of forging materials and 10,000 tons of  forgings.
Products specifications:
Forged round bars: (Diameter) 14mm ~ 500mm ,Length:2000mm-6000mm
Forged plates: (Thickness)15~400mm x (Width)50~1500mm ,Length:2000mm-6000mm
Squae bars: As customers’ requirements.
    We have 520 staffs and more than 80 members with college diplomas or above. Their majors are melt, rolling processing, metallurgical analysis, heat treatment, mechanical appliances, finance and business management. 60% of them are senior engineers. The recruited staff members are from Daye Special Steel Co., Ltd. which is China

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